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Universal Newsreel Volume 35, Release 53, 06/28/1962

Published June 28, 1962

National Archives description: "The original release sheet reads:
PRAY AT HOME: KENNEDY ANSWER TO COURT DECISION: In a six-to-one decision, the Supreme Court rules that school children nay not recite a prayer in New York classrooms as it violates Constitutional guarantees of the separation of Church and State. At his News Conference, President Kennedy urges everyone to pray more at home and attend Church more often.
"SHOES" FOR WALKING ON WATER: Pentagon officials witness a demonstration of foam "water shoes" that would enable soldiers to cross streams too deep to wade.
JACKET FOR SPACE MECHANICS: A jet-propelled back pack is the answer to maneuverability in space when mechanics have to fight weightlessness.
IT'S A MONKEY'S LIFE: There's a certain character in Munich, Germany, who can make a monkey out of Beau Brummel. Yes. He's the best dressed simian in Europe.
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO One of the most spectacular tragedies of the air age happened just 25 years ago when the Hindenburg exploded while landing in the U.S., after a trans-Atlantic trip. The disaster spelled the end of dirigibles.
James Braddock put his title on the line and Joe Louis knocked him out to become the first Negro heavyweight since Jack Johnson. Max Schmeling had claimed he had first chance at Braddock, but a court ruled otherwise and the thousands of tickets printed for Schmeling-Braddock fight were just so much trash. . ."

National Archives Identifier: 2050503

Producer Universal
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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